Stakeholder registration and operational information


Stakeholder registration

ForestrySA wants to get connected with you!  But in order to do so, we need your feedback on how you would like us to connect with you and what you would like us to tell you.

Whether it’s a forestry operation, forest management plan or a community project, much of our work has an impact on, or is impacted by, the communities in which we operate in.  Our neighbours, recreational forest users, contractors, customers, special interest groups and anyone with an interest in the forests are our “stakeholders”.

ForestrySA acknowledges and values the positive contribution that stakeholder perspectives and expertise make to forest management.  Although we pride ourselves on engaging effectively with stakeholders on a daily basis, we would like to do more.

We want to make sure anyone who has an interest in our organisation can register as a “Stakeholder”. By registering as a Stakeholder, ForestrySA can endeavour to inform you about matters that you have indicated you are interested in.

Operational information

ForestrySA conducts various forestry operations throughout the forest over the course of the year.

The table below gives an overview of the types of major operations that occur during various periods during the year. Seasonal conditions each year can also impact the exact timing of an operation.

Harvesting, transport and associated roading operations occur throughout the whole year at various locations across the plantation area.

Firefighting occurs throughout the Fire Danger Season (typically November – April) as needed.

ForestrySA has a well-established neighbour notification system in place and will contact neighbouring landowners who may be impacted by an operation, either via letter or direct contact. ForestrySA endeavours to provide each neighbour with sufficient notice before the operation commences.

If you are a ForestrySA neighbour and have not received notification, please contact ForestrySA on 8724 2888 to ensure your details are captured in our neighbour register, or complete the Stakeholder Registration form via the link immediately below.