ForestrySA’s Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve is closed until further notice, as a result of damage
sustained in recent bushfires.

Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve is located within the Mount Crawford Forest Reserve.

This section of forest contains the Mawson Network Trails, which is commonly known as Fox Creek
and home to a significant network of cross-country and downhill mountain bike trails.

The popular mountain bike precinct was severely affected by fire and is now surrounded by burnt
pine plantation and native forest. Due to the potential of falling trees and branches, the area is
unsafe for public visitation.

Sections of the Heysen and Mawson Trails which pass through this area of forest are also closed
until further notice. ForestrySA will work with trail managers to identify and establish temporary
re-routes where possible.

ForestrySA acknowledges temporary closure of the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve, trails and
mountain bike precinct is causing significant impact on visitor access.

As a result, work is underway with South Australian Government agencies, Bike SA, mountain bike
clubs and community groups to develop a workable recovery and operational plan for the area.
This will involve clearance of fallen vegetation debris from bike trails, salvage of plantation timber,
installation of warning signage and fence repairs, identification and removal of dangerous trees
and remarking of mountain bike trails to help make the area safe again.

While it could take 6-12 months before these trails can reopen for public use, ForestrySA is
committed to exploring new bike and forest use opportunities as a means of boosting forest
visitation opportunities.

Rehabilitation of the bushfire landscape will take many years. Native vegetation will likely recover
in time through natural regeneration and careful weed management. Recovery will be monitored
to assess the need for supplementary planting of native species.

Further updates on the recovery plan will be provided as on-ground works progress.

For your own safety, do not enter fire-affected forest areas.

For more information and continuing updates visit www.forestrysa.com.au, call us on
(08) 8391 8800, or email recreation@forestrysa.com.au.



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