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Native Forest Reserves

We manage more than 16,000ha of native forest

ForestrySA manages more than 16,000ha of proclaimed native forest reserves in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Green Triangle regions, for conservation. These areas contain a variety of vegetation types including native forest, woodland, grassy woodland, shrub land, grassland and wetland.

They are legally protected and actively managed by ForestrySA to conserve and enhance their plant and animal communities for the longterm benefit of the state.

View maps of Mount Lofty Ranges and Green Triangle forest regions.

Our forests are managed to protect biodiversity and cultural heritage, providing for a range of recreational activities, community events and educational values, while optimising economic value to regional communities through plantation forest operations.

Forest Management Plans

We have developed a number of management plans for our forests. You can view and download them here:

Management objectives for these plans include:

  • Manage plantation forests to provide timber and other natural products to industry and the local community achieving economic, environmental and social outcomes.
  • Conserve and enhance biodiversity and areas of conservation and scientific significance in native forest and the plantation estate.
  • Maintain and promote the cultural and historical values of forests.
  • Encourage cooperation with the community and other stakeholders and promote the community use of forests for a range of recreational activities, community events and educational values.
  • Encouraging the community to participate in the implementation of the plans.

Native Forest Reserve Management Plans

Plans are also developed for individual Native Forest Reserves under our management. These plans are prepared for reserves to document and identify their conservation significance and to provide the basis for their long-term protection and future management. You can view and download the plans here:

Specific management objectives for Native Forest Reserves include:

  • Managing the reserves for the long-term conservation of native plant and animal communities.
  • Managing the community use of the reserves in a manner compatible with conservation values.
  • Protection of the reserves from human-induced or natural disturbances.
  • Rehabilitation of sites that have been extensively degraded by human-induced or natural processes.
  • Encouraging the community to participate in the implementation of the plans.

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To make comment or provide feedback on any of our management plans, please send us an email.


The forest is closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days. To report a fire. call 000.

Fire is prohibited on ForestrySA land and Forest Reserves between November 1 and April 30 in any year.

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