Green Triangle Forest

ForestrySA manages more than 12,000ha of Native Forest areas across the Green Triangle forest district, largely located within South Australia's South East.

The region is home to the state's largest commercial plantation forest, now managed by OneFortyOne Plantations.

Pockets of unique native forest can be found hidden within the commercial forest and are widely recognised for their floristic diversity and regularly visited by wildflower and nature enthusiasts, cave divers and other forest visitors.

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ForestrySA Corporate Office
152 Jubilee Highway East / PO Box 162

Telephone: (08) 8724 2888 (during business hours)

How to obtain your Christmas Tree

To collect a free Pinus radiata tree growing within the OneFortyOne Plantations estate, you will need to complete and lodge a forest permit and receive approval from one of our forest Rangers. See example below to assist you in completing your form.

It is very important you do not remove young, purpose planted plantation trees, which can be found growing in even rows. Instead, target smaller trees growing randomly among much larger, mature trees, in firebreaks or along roadsides.

You can use our comprehensive Green Triangle Forest Map to help you find the perfect tree.

Merry Christmas!

Forest access, permits and event applications

ForestrySA Native Forest Reserves
ForestrySA manages a total of 51 Native Forest Reserves across South Australia's South East. These areas are managed for conservation and have special protection.

A range of marked and interpreted walking trails and carparking is available, along with picnic facilities, all within a natural setting.

Activities such as bushwalking, bird watching and low-impact cycling (on established tracks) are welcome and do not require a permit. Some forest activities may incur a fee. View the fee structure and more information here.

All areas are open to the public during daylight hours. However, in the interest of environmental protection, tracks are closed to vehicles and motorbikes, horses are not permitted and pet access is restricted.

All forest visitors are asked to observe the Native Forest Reserve code: Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures.

Some pockets of native forest are entirely surrounded by OneFortyOne plantation forest and may be subject to temporary access restrictions or closure while forest operations are underway nearby. You must always keep to established tracks when driving through plantation areas and be respectful of the commercial forest environment.

Permits are required for groups with specialist or scientific interest in Native Forest Reserves, allowing vehicle and night-time access, and authority to conduct flora and fauna surveys. Larger events may require a forest event application.

Complete your permit and native forest event applications electronically:
Green Triangle forest access permit

Green Triangle Forest event application

Once complete, save and email to ForestrySA for approval. Please note that electronic permits can only be lodged for activities being conducted in Green Triangle Forest Reserves.

OneFortyOne Plantations commercial forest
As well as inviting people into its own forest areas, ForestrySA is pleased to be able to offer forest access to OneFortyOne plantation areas across the Green Triangle.

A range of established visitor facilities can be found within these areas, including information bays, picnic facilties and walking trails.

General forest access is welcome during daylight hours and does not require a permit.

The plantation lease area is run as a commercial forest and members of the public are asked to avoid all operational activity and abide by signage and access restrictions.

Please keep to established tracks when driving and respect the forest environment, including flora, fauna and forest facilities. Further information and specific conditions can be found here.

An event application must be lodged for larger group activities such as motor rallies, community events, military exercises, orienteering, rogaining and some caving activities. 

A forest access permit is required for activities including horse riding, cave diving and caving.

Some Green Triangle forest activities may also incur a fee. View the Green Triangle fee structure and more information here.

Complete your permit and forest event applications electronically:
Green Triangle Forest access permit and conditions
Green Triangle Forest event application

Once complete, save and email to ForestrySA for approval. Please note that electronic permits can only be lodged for activities being conducted in Green Triangle Forest Reserves.

The forest is closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days. In the event of fire call 000.

No fires of any kind are permitted to be lit by members of the public on ForestrySA land, including all Forest Reserves, between November 1 and April 30 in any year.