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Corporate Overview, Strategic Plan and Charter

South Australian Forestry Corporation

The South Australian Forestry Corporation was established on 1 January 2001, under the South Australian Forestry Corporation Act 2000.

The business trades as ForestrySA and is subject to the provisions of the Public Corporations Act 1993.

Legislation administered by ForestrySA: Forestry Act 1950  (including the Forestry Regulations 2013), South Australian Forestry Corporation Act 2000.

Our Strategic Plan

Grow something great

Our strategic purpose is to:

  1. Manage plantation forests for commercial production
  2. Protect the long term viability of the Corporation by:
    • Securing continuing improvements of performance
    • Encouraging and facilitating regionally based economic activities based on forestry and other industries
    • Maximising the value of the Corporation
  3. Conduct research (directly or with industry partners) related to growing wood for commercial purposes
  4. Conduct non-commercial activities with a focus on:
    • Native forest management
    • Community use
    • Community fire protection
Download the 2021-2022 plan

Our Charter

South Australian Forestry Corporation

This Charter has been prepared by the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development and the Treasurer, following consultation with the South Australian Forestry Corporation, and in accordance with Section 12 of the Public Corporations Act 1993.

It sets out the government’s priorities and requirements for ForestrySA.

Download the Charter