Plantation forestry

Sustainable softwood production now and in the future

ForestrySA’s key commercial role is the management of more than 10,500ha of commercial pine plantation in South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges.

Our annual replanting program ensures sustainable production into the future.

Forest operations

Our commercial plantation forests are busy on any given day, with a range of seasonal operations carried out during the year to keep our trees in tip-top shape.

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Plantation forestry. How does it work?

Forestry is the science of establishing, managing and conserving forests, while management of a plantation forest is known as silviculture.

We operate as an innovative and sustainable plantation forestry business, producing and marketing high quality products. Find out more about what we do and the challenges involved in producing quality log.

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Forestry, The Ultimate Renewable™

All trees in our 10,000ha Mount Lofty Ranges plantation estate are replanted following harvest, allowing sustainable timber production well into the future.

There are many advantages of forestry and wood products, as we increasingly look for alternatives to unsustainable materials.

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