Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Statement

This statement is published in accordance with subsection 9 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act).

Subject to certain restrictions, the FOI Act gives members of the public a legally enforceable right to access information held by the South Australian Government.

A comprehensive introduction to freedom of information can be found on the State Records website at

ForestrySA structure and functions

Information on ForestrySA’s structure and functions is available on this website.

Information summary

Documents held by ForestrySA fall broadly into the categories described below. While most are available in hard copy, it should be noted that some are only available electronically. The listing of these categories does not necessarily mean all documents are accessible in full or in part under the Act. Types of documents held by ForestrySA:
Administrative files (indexed on electronic database)
Tender and contract documentation
Operational records
Policy documents and procedure manuals
Research reports and publications
Brochures, publications, photographs, information sheets and posters

Documents available free of charge

A range of documents are available for download from the ForestrySA website:

  • Brochures
  • Fact sheets
  • Selected maps
  • Policy documents
  • Media releases
  • Annual reports

Accessing documents

Access to documents or requests for information under the FOI Act is via the Freedom of Information Officer. Restrictions to certain documents may apply.

In accordance with the FOI Act, applications for access to documents held by an agency must:

  • Be made in writing (either by letter or application form which can be found at:
  • Specify that the application is made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991
  • Be accompanied by the prescribed application fee of $38.25 (fee subject to change, exemptions apply)
  • Specify an address in Australia to which information can be sent
  • Clearly identify the documents being sought or the matter to which they pertain
  • Specify whether the documents contain information of a personal nature
  • Specify the desired type of access to the document, such as inspection of the document at an arranged location or having a copy made.

Additional charges may be levied to process your request.

If you are able to prove that you are financially disadvantaged, all fees will be waived. This charge is determined by the Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2003 and is subject to change. Please consult these regulations before submitting requests.

Disclosure Log

We publish non-personal information released by ForestrySA under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

This enables information that may be of interest to the community to be readily identified and accessed.

Access the ForestrySA Freedom of Information Disclosure Log here.


Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer
Phone: (08) 8724 2807