Hell’s Hole

A view like no other …

Hell’s Hole is one of the most impressive karst features in the Limestone Coast.

It is a cenote – a sinkhole that extends into open water – and is approximately 45m in diameter, 25m deep and 38m below the viewing platform.

A walking trail has been established at the site, which meanders uphill to the sinkhole with an easy walk to the carpark.

Take a deep breath before you step onto the viewing platform – the view in to Hell’s Hole is like nothing you have experienced before!

While anyone can visit and take in the view from the platform, Hell’s Hole is also popular among divers. To dive at Hell’s hole, divers must obtain a ForestrySA permit and be a member of either the Cave Diving Association of Australia (CDAA) or Australian Cave Explorers (ACE). Click here for more information and to secure your permit.

How to get there

Hell’s Hole is located on Sea Coast Hill Road at Caveton, just 20km from the city of Mount Gambier.

The forest is closed to the public on declared Total Fire Ban days. To report a fire, call 000.

For fire ban information phone 1800 362 361 or visit the CFS website. Being aware of a Total Fire Ban is your responsibility.

Fire is prohibited on ForestrySA land and Forest Reserves between November 1 and April 30 in any year. (These dates may be extended in areas where high fire danger persists).

Hell's Hole Walking Trail

The 750m Hell’s Hole loop walk meanders along sandy tracks through native bushland, before treating visitors to a spectacular view of the sinkhole from a secure observation platform.