Lake Edward

Enjoy a day out at Lake Edward

The tranquility of Lake Edward has made it a popular recreation spot for fishing, walking, boating and picnicking, since the 1840s.

Lake Edward is the region’s best preserved example of a volcanic maar. It is also older than Mount Gambier and is believed to have formed from an explosion, when volcanic material passed through ground water.

Visitors to the lake can enjoy a tranquil bush-walk or bike ride around the lake, via a dedicated walking trail.

A variety of water and bush birds can be seen from the trail, while a bird hide at the water’s edge provides the perfect hideaway for the more serious bird watcher.

A pontoon offers the ideal spot for recreational fishing, while a boat launch is situated nearby for those who would like to venture into deeper waters.

The area also has ample car parking, a picnic table and trail signage.

Visitors please note:

  • Only electric boats and canoes are permitted on Lake Edward, to prevent the risk of oil and petrol spills.
  • Only the introduced pest fish species, Red Fin, may be removed from Lake Edward. It is illegal to remove native fish from the water.

How to get there

Lake Edward is located on Lake Edward Road near the rural township of Glencoe, 32km from Mount Gambier.

Lake Edward Walking Trail

Enjoy a tranquil stroll around the fresh water lake and experience panoramic view from the crater’s highest points, during this 2.5km loop walk.


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