Cudlee Creek Forest Trails Fire Recovery Strategy

10 June 2020 | Community forestry news

Help us identify post-fire recreation and tourism opportunities for the ForestrySA Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve and Fox Creek Mountain Bike trails.

We are preparing a fire recovery strategy for the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve to guide the redevelopment of the affected areas and the re-establishment of the Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park.

This project focuses on the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve and additional land proposed to be included in a future trails network.

The strategy will aim to establish how the future forest can contribute to the community, recreational and economic wellbeing of the Adelaide Hills community.

We need your help to identify recreational improvements, opportunities, experiences and facilities for the visitor and trail network.

Your views are important in developing a sustainable future for recreation in the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve.

Follow the link below to get involved and have your say!