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Honan Mint Trails

Enjoy the rich biodiversity of Honan Native Forest Reserve

Three newly-established forest trails provide a unique opportunity to view rare plants and wildflowers in natural bush setting, just 16km from Mount Gambier.

The trails are set within the heart of Honan Native Forest Reserve near Glencoe and range in length from 2.7km to 5.7km. They are designed for walkers and cyclists and are clearly marked to ensure easy navigation.

Each trail is clearly marked, allowing users to access the the heart of the forest and navigate safely back again.

The trails are home to a diverse range of plants and wildflowers, providing the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to explore the local forest environment.


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About the Honan Mint

The Honan Mint, Mentha atrolilacina, is a small creeping herb which grows up to 30cm tall.

It has deep purple flowers and overlapping, heart-shaped leaves. It is pictured at the top of the image, alongside the much paler, lilac-coloured Slender Mint, Mentha diemenica.

It was discovered here in 2007 and is found only within a 20km radius of this site.