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ForestrySA renews commitment to community fire prevention preparedness and response

28 March 2023 | Media Release

Major upgrades to specialist firefighting equipment will underpin ForestrySA’s commitment to community fire prevention, preparedness and response in the Adelaide Hills for many years to come.

ForestrySA’s state-of-the-art FireKing fire tankers have undergone complete refurbishment after almost 20 years on the frontline protecting South Australian forests and communities.

The custom-built fleet was commissioned back in 2005 to meet the niche requirements of forest-firefighting. Built on the same tough chassis as the Australian Army’s Bushmaster vehicles most recently deployed to the war in Ukraine, the appliances provide unrivalled crew protection and frontline fire access in plantations and steep terrain.

And now, after substantial investment in four ForestrySA FireKings, upgraded running gear, engine, electrics, fire equipment and additional crew safety features will see the appliances fit for duty for decades to come.